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Temporary Store Rome

For some years now even in Italy has taken hold the phenomenon of the temporary stores, born to whet the appetites of buyers and to compensate, in times of crisis, for the often prohibitive cost of premises renting. Among all the cities suited to the creation of a Temporary Store, Rome is certainly one of the best: the large number of tourists and their continuous arrivals guarantee the necessary impact to the success of this commercial operation. 

The Nazionale Spazio Eventi of Via Nazionale manages to combine all the features of which anyone who wishes to open a temporary store in Rome can not do without: the central position, the high passage and the proximity to the railway station and the pedestrian center make this location the perfect one for all sorts of Temporary Shops. 

The main central room and several small side spaces, together with the high elasticity of the settings of the Nazionale Spazio Eventi make possible to create your own Temporary Store in Rome for any kind of retail activity. Contact us now for a custom quote!

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