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Rome Convention Center

Finding in Rome a Convention Center is not too difficult: the capital is in fact one of the destinations that offer the most possibility of organizing events, including the long-term, with the great added value of touristic and historic importance of the city. In such a context, the modern spaces of the Nazionale Spazio Eventi take on even greater significance, located in the heart of the capital and perfect to ensure that exceptional setting that all those looking for a Conference Center in Rome want to have around. 

The central space of the Nazionale Spazio Eventi, with an area of over four hundred square meters and topped by a ceiling height of over nine meters, provides the opportunity to accommodate up to 400 people comfortably seated and the use of the many side rooms for registration, coffee breaks, vip lounge and workshops makes it the perfect choice as a Rome Convention Center. 

Do not miss out, therefore, the opportunity to come around and learn about the Nazionale Spazio Eventi: you will be surprised by the sheer versatility of what we like to call, pushing the limits imposed by the static nature of the traditional Congress Centre (in Rome as elsewhere), an "events container" ;, a place for you to turn into reality your every need and expectation.

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